Sunday, February 7, 2016

Central Florida

Blog Update:

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Destination: Holiday RV Resort, Leesburg
We are staying in the same park as Jim and Rosann Pavlov (Jame's dad and step mom) for the month of February. Coming to Florida this month was basically the only solid plan we had before we left nearly 4 months ago. The rest has been kinda wingin' it. Winter is the height of the busy season here, and does require a reservation months ahead of time so we had to plan a little bit.
Jim Jr. & Jim Sr.
This park of 1000 park models & RVs (!!) is pretty much exclusively retirees but we feel very welcome, as everyone is real friendly. Our neighbors are mostly Canadians and one of our neighbors has 2 greyhounds which was a nice coincidence. There is so much to do in the park I can't even begin to list it all, but includes 2 pools, fishing, a variety of sports, clubs, gaming, dog park, a restaurant, bingo, donuts, more.. It's basically summer camp for retired people. And of course there is bingo twice a week (I swear I'm 70 years old at heart):
Rosann and I played Bingo and I WON! Which is a good thing, because after a disastrous Bingo loss in Arkansas I was ready to pronounce the game Dead To Me. 
I checked out the Florida Aquarium in Tampa with one of my best buds from way back, Bethany! We both love aquariums and this was a great one. After the aquarium we went out to eat in the artsy Ybor neighborhood. A very neat place where cuban cigars and cocktails are enjoyed in open cafes. You're also likely to see a chicken or two wandering the streets.

We spent a rainy day peeling and preserving TONS of garlic home grown by Jim and Rosann :). We ended up pickling it, which should keep for up to a year. I'm sure it will be gone in a few weeks at our pace though.


Elizabeth Trinkin said...

You guys don't seem to get much support on this page, but I admire your gumption! I hope you guys and the pups enjoy every minute! Mya looked like she was a race hound going down the stretch and Frankie is Frankie doing his serious dog thing! Have a ball! Elizabeth

Hana Rose Pavlov said...

We'll try to keep posting despite the fact that my mom is our only follower... Haha. Thanks for reading and commenting!!!

lydia murray said...

Just your mom, checking in and following you! Love your pictures and so glad you are having fun. James has some serious hair - looking good! What no dog pictures this week?

Anonymous said...

Sounds and looks like a fun place. What is the picture of the UFO over the water?
Please send me your mailing address, you know me, I like paper.
Keep on posting. We really enjoy it.
Sending love and good wishes.
Uncle Pete

Hana Rose Pavlov said...

(It's not a UFO, it's just spanish moss)

Rosann Pavlov said...

Enjoyed spending lazy and warm evenings with you and the pups on the patio.
Bingo was a blast, glad you won and restored your interest in bingo!
Enjoy your new travels, miss you and so sad to see you leave. We'll be following your blog.

Hana Rose Pavlov said...

Thanks, we'll miss you guys too!

Rosann Pavlov said...

Hi ya, how was your week? I just wanted to let you know how much I liked the sign you made for James. Very clean as well as to the point. Hope all is well. Send pictures we miss you. 🐢πŸ₯

Hana Rose Pavlov said...

Thanks, we feel a little weird about posting the barber shop sign in these new places, it would have been perfect in Leesburg πŸ˜•. Like I said, ordered it a month too late!! Thanks for checking in, we'll be posting a blog on Sunday!