About us

Here we are at the top of Natural Bridge rock in Slade, KY.
In the fall of 2015 we decided we weren't very happy living the 'American Dream' (am I even allowed to say that?) ; ). We had just gotten married in 2013, and we were both working like crazy at full time jobs and as landlords. We hardly saw each other, and felt tremendous guilt in leaving our pups (whom we adore) home alone all day. We knew we wanted to sell our house in the city, but we were unable to find another affordable option in the country. The idea sort of snuck up on both of us at the same time. And finally it was decided, we would sell our house, get rid of our stuff, and move into an RV.  

Crazy, right?! But we haven't looked back since!

Our goal is to try to visit as many states as possible over the course of a year, which makes each stop short and sweet. So far we are learning a lot about this country, meeting new people & making some mistakes along the way.. but loving it!

Frankie & Maya
*A word of caution: If you don't like dog photos you may want to slowly back away from this blog.

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