Pink Sauerkraut

We both love fresh sauerkraut, but it's surprisingly expensive at the store. I was shocked by how simple it is to make yourself!  I had also been very dubious about attempting it since I assumed it would stink up the house, but it didn't smell at all!


  • 2 small cabbages (I used 1 green, and 1 purple to get that pink color)
  • 1 1/2 Tablespoons sea salt
  • Optional: 1 Tbs of caraway seed or dill for flavor 

Chop the cabbage into 1/4" strips. (Put an extra outside leaf aside to put on top when finished.) Pile the cabbage and salt into a large bowl.

Now you will need to macerate the living daylights out of it. I initially tried using a wooden spoon to do this, but found that only chopped the cabbage. I ended up using a sturdy mug to 'punch' it. Don't punch it so hard that the mug breaks though! Once juices begin to form you can pack the mixture into container of choice (I used a 64oz Mason jar). Let this sit about 15 minutes and you will see more juice beginning to fill the jar. I needed to top mine off with a bit more brine (water & salt mixture) just to completely cover the cabbage. Put the extra leaf on top to keep everything submerged, then cover with a coffee filter or loosely tightened lid to allow gasses to escape.

That's it! Now wait at least a week or so until the sauerkraut is tangy enough for your taste. Once it tastes good to you, move it to the fridge where it will keep for several months. I ended up stopping mine at 10 days.


lydia murray said...

Sounds really good! I am going to try it and let you know how it turns out!

Hana Rose Pavlov said...

I had some with your lemon/oil dressing, so good!

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna make some soon. Just finished another batch of wine. I've got to quit for a while, the wine cellar is full. And sweet potatoes are almost ready.
I love you two. Pete

Hana Rose Pavlov said...

Now you can let it age! you should try making aged cheese, I've been dying to try but don't have the room.

Anonymous said...

May you be relaxed and smiling.
I just started a batch of Kraut. I was surprised how much all that cabbage smushed down to. I used a big a big cabbage and it didn't fill a 24 oz jar, but I didn't read well and cut the cabbage thin.

Hana Rose Pavlov said...

It's good to have some room at the top anyway. Let me know how it turns out!