Sunday, October 25, 2015


The rig
We made our way out of michigan and into Indiana. Specifically, to James lake. Aptly chosen based on it's inclusion of the word "James". Oh, and also excellent park ratings, waterfall, lake, etc. Driving through Grand Rapids served as a reminder that we hate cities and never want to go back to them again.

We've already run into a number of issues, pretty much all of them revolving around the stupid tow dolly! Who's idea was it to tow a car again? I won't get into detail, I'll just say that I am >this close< to trading the whole thing in for a Jeep Wrangler..

So far it's been gorgeous during the day and coldd at night, but that comes with the territory when you're camping in November. Yes. It's almost. November.  On the plus-side the campgrounds are almost vacant, aside from a few full-timers like ourselves. More to come to come on our Indiana stay.

Lake James, just steps from our camp site in the woods.

Sticker shock! That's  not even a full tank.....