Homemade Yogurt

Pete's Homemade Yogurt without a yogurt maker


  • Milk - we normally use a half to whole gallon of organic whole milk.
  • 1/3 cup of plain starter yogurt of choice

  • Heat milk over the stove until it gets frothy, but not boiling. Technically you can use a thermometer to measure the temp to 185 degrees, but we didn't use one. 
  • Let the milk cool until it's kind of like very hot tap water (about 115 degrees). 
  • Stir in your yogurt starter, then let cool a little before pouring the mixture back into the original milk jug or container of your choice.  Important - don't use too much starter! We've made this mistake and it comes out more like cheese than yogurt.
  • Put the containers into a small cooler, and add hot tap water. Nuke a mug full of water every so often to keep the temp in the cooler up. This is not an exact science! The warmer the cooler stays, the sooner your yogurt will be ready. It can be ready in as little as 5 hours, or left overnight. We've recently started filling our small sink with hot water, and using that to keep the yogurt warm.
  • Move containers to the refrigerator where the yogurt will continue to firm up.
  • Enjoy!

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