Sunday, November 1, 2015

Indiana Continued

We have just  spent our first week in Pokagon State Park, Indiana. We are camped in a hilly area and we can see Lake James through the trees, with a short walk to the water. So far this campground has been great. It has been especially nice during the weekdays when there is barely anyone else camped around you. Even if there was the campsites in the area we are in are exceptionally large. There trails are beautiful and I spend a few hours every morning walking. The only downside to this campground is that the showers never get hot, and the bathrooms can be a little dirty. I was told that if you let the water run a long time that they will get hot. We also noticed that the campgrounds lower than us that were a lot closer together. If we came back we would book ahead far enough so we would have more of a chance of getting a site in the 100 camp on the hill.

Our spacious campsite
  Hana and I are getting settled into the rv life pretty easily, and so are the dogs. We have lived in all types of places and spent weeks in the motel six, so far It's not hard for me to find ways to keep myself occupied outdoors all day. The hardest thing to adjust to is stretching out the water supply in places like this where you don't have full hookup. We are much more aware of how much water we are using every time we turn on a faucet, and showers don't exceed more than a few minutes. After our first week we have devised ways of extending and adding to our water supply, and keeping our grey tank from filling up too quickly so we don't have to drive to the dump/fill-up station every other day. The trade off to not having a full hookup is having much more space for exploration right outside your door. Also you cannot beat the amount of space we had on our site. The upside to having to conserve water is that you realize just how much in excess you use. The downside is that washing dishes will drain a good amount of your water supply. Peace and seclusion is a priority for both of us, but we do realize we will have to learn to live close to other people in other campgrounds.

 So far in our first week we have  learned how important it is to work as a team. The space in an rv is more compact, but people get on each others nerves and bicker in large houses just as much. Our bed is a little smaller than what we are used to, but on cold nights we snuggle up with Frankie and Maya and it's not so bad. In the morning we will be heading to Hocking Hills State Park in southeast Ohio, and will be giving an update closer to the end of our week there.

They touched noses but I missed getting the pic! :(

At the Spring Shelter with an actual fresh water spring we used to re-fill drinking water. (We're not good at getting pictures of each other. I guess we're a little old for appreciating our own 'selfies'. We'll try harder next stop!)