Sunday, January 10, 2016

Baton Rouge to The Gulf Coast

We made our way down to St. Francisville, just north of Baton Rouge to spend another week in the Pelican State. Aside from a day trip down the Baton Rouge for delicious brunch and some sightseeing, there wasn't much to do in the area. Along with the sorry state of our RV park, "Peaceful Pines", we probably enjoyed this stop the LEAST of all the others. The people were nowhere near as friendly as they were in northern LA. Turns out most of the inhabitants of this park were migrant workers, moving from place to place for jobs. I'm guessing a lot of them worked at the monstrous Exxon Mobile plant about 15 miles south. If there's a next time I'll just have to drag James kicking and screaming to New Orleans.

James still misses West Monroe, LA. His new saying when comparing/rating everything we do; "weall, it's not West Monroe".

Of course we had to visit the LSU Rural Life Museum in Baton Rouge, complete with a few (adorable!) young Texas Longhorns who didn't yet have a full grasp of their weaponry.
'Please don't murder me with those horns, cow'
Classic Louisiana, right?
On the plus side, we did get to try some New Orleans originals. Cajun cheesecake ice-cream, yum! And, yeah we tried several Zapp's chips flavors over the course of the week. Prettty, pretty good.
Now we're movin' on to the Gulf Coast of Alabama. Although, it looks like we're in for more 50 degree weather this week. I think we are bringing the cold with us from Michigan.. 

Another one of mee,  I was in rare form :)