Sunday, September 25, 2016


Destination: Kansas City & Mark Twain National Forest

When traveling for an extended period of time all places we stop at just simply can't be a trip to Wally World. Life just isn't like that. On our way to the appalachian trail outside of eating at a couple of good places in Kansas City, our excitement has been mostly taking the dogs for a walk down a street where the residents consider the road private dowmain, and will send their dogs out after you, even if they are just an obnoxious little pomeranian. We have been places where people burn their garbage, plastic and everything. This was a typical walk in Missouri; A man in his yard yelling at the neighbor's dog "I TOLD YOU TO GIT!" while the owner of the dog screams "AHHHHHHHH" at the tope of her lungs and blows her whistle, and an obnoxious pomeranian at our heels letting us know he wasn't standing for it.

  The last week of Missouri we were in an area that is known for it's springs, but while we looked for a pipe to fill our jug the springs were small bubbling riverbeds where the water was clear. I was told by some locals that you just fill up your jugs right in the river. 

  If you are going through Missouri I would recommend stopping at the Three Springs  RV Park. It is a peaceful little place where you have a nice sized lawn and an owner that goes beyond what is expected to accomodate you. There is a large bbq trailer in the pavilion, and the pit master Sue serves up some award winning bbq, including brisket and pulled pork. I was fortunate enough to receive a generous sample of this right after we arrived, and it lived up to the reputation for the bbq that Missouri is known for. As I said, this is a friendly place to stay and rest for a while.

 Overall is has been hot and humid, and we haven't felt like doing much. It seems that one side of the country is bone dry, and the other is covered in a cloud of hot steam. Now we are on our way to southern Illinois to camp at a state park. This will be our first time in a campground for a long time and we are looking forward to it.


James' most recent cigar box guitar build.

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